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Dr. A. K. M. Ashraf

Founder and CEO
About Us

Welcome to Forever Forget Me Not (FFMN), where compassionate care meets the comfort of home. FFMN was formed amidst the pandemic in 2020 with a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for individuals in need of support, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized and professional home-care services. Our dedicated team of caregivers is passionate about creating a nurturing and safe environment, ensuring that every client receives the attention and assistance they deserve. Whether you or your loved one requires assistance with daily activities, medical care, or companionship, we are here to provide a customized solution that suits your unique needs. At FFMN, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and dignity, and we strive to empower individuals to age in place with grace and confidence. Trust us to be your partner in care, offering a helping hand and a caring heart in the comfort of your own home.

In the Comfort of Home,
In the Heart of Care.

FFMN, Your Trusted Partner.

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The Benefits

Peace of Mind
Quality of Life
Effective Communication
Celebrate Life
Positive Attitude

Our Approach to Care

Ensuring High Standards of Care

Our commitment to quality includes accreditation, ongoing staff training, and continuous improvement.

Compliance with Regulations

We adhere to all regulatory requirements, ensuring patient privacy and safety.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Feedback mechanisms and monitoring processes allow us to continually enhance services and meet client needs.

Commitment to Dignity, Respect, and Compassion

Highlights the company's core values, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment.

Focus on promoting Independence and Wellbeing

Emphasizes the company's philosophy of empowering clients to maintain their independence and enhance their overall wellbeing through personalized care and support.

We offer valuable support to families who may be juggling multiple responsibilities.

Our Strengths


Not a single “NO show” to date i.e no staff kept away from visiting clients without reason.


Replacements of staff done in short periods of time using transportation at company expenses.


New leads or requests fulfilled in short periods of time depending on the situation.


Highly experienced staff (including PSWs with nursing backgrounds).


Frequent virtual staff training/onboarding.


Client feedbacks are taken into full consideration for future services.


Safety protocols are always followed by staff when working.


Efficient and effective staff scheduling by using health care software.


Continuously, new and innovative healthcare technologies will be introduced to enhance our service to clients.

Client Portfolio

We have clients through the following channels.

Corporates / NGOs

Retirement Homes & Long Term Care

Private Home Care Clients

Partnership Opportunities

In addition to our core competency; supplying care givers, our collaborative models provide other auxiliary services such as courier services for medical supplies, renovations, transportation, etc.


Our main objective is to cater to all of the clients’ needs on one platform.

Frequently Asked Questions.

You can schedule an appointment by calling our office at 647 858 6332, using our online appointment scheduling under contact option.

Our office hours 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, however can be reachable 24/7 by calling 647 858 6332

We provide a wide range of services. Please visit our website or contact us for more detailed information.

We offer various wellness programs. Please check our website or contact our office for more information.

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